• Toe Pain ?
    Pain at the bottom of your foot doesn’t always mean plantar fasciitis/fasciosis. Nor does it mean you may have metatarsalgia (it’s a general term that literally means “pain in toe”). Read more
  • Runner's Mood
    Runners will usually feel good after running, something we typically call, “runner’s high.”  Those same runners can invariably feel not so good after not being able to run.  Whether it Read more
  • Running Gait
    It was approximately 5 or 6 years ago when I had this one particular patient who was a long distance runner.  He explained to me he typically would not have Read more
  • Runners, Active Release Techniques and Graston!!!
    Are you a runner? Do you work out/exercise? Have you become active but yet you just experienced an injury of some sort and cannot get it resolved? A lot of Read more
  • Running in Colder Temps and Hydration!
    Running in the soon to be winter season sometimes can be great for some people and difficult for others. It is sometimes great for people because they feel like they Read more

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