Running in Colder Temps and Hydration!

Running in the soon to be winter season sometimes can be great for some people and difficult for others. It is sometimes great for people because they feel like they do not overheat and feel as if they can run longer periods of time without feeling very thirsty and/or tired. This can be a recipe for disaster though. Please be sure to drink adequate amounts of water and fluids prior, perhaps during and after your run or workout. Drinking fluids in small amounts can provide adequate amount of hydration. It may not seem like it but yes you are sweating and the body needs to replenish it's store amounts of fluids in the body. The body is composed of approximately 75% water and the body functions optimally with this. You also do not want to drink too much fluids either as this can cause a problem with the cells in the body and the sodium levels to get a little out of hand. This is hyponatremia and can cause serious problems if you drink too much fluids. This usually occurs though during those times where the temperatures are elevated and runners feel they need to over-hydrate to combat the warmer temperatures. 

Giuseppe Giovatto Jr, DC, DACBSP®, CSCS

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Working with triathletes since 2007, working with sports medicine in Kona, HI, Panama City Beach, FL and Sarasota, FL with Ironman and USAT elite and professionals. Also on the medical advisory board for a US National Governing Body and consultant to a MLB team.

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