Dear Dr. Giovatto,

When I first met you several months ago at your practice you greeted me with a kind smile and a firm handshake and with poisitive assurance you helped my condition. As we learned I had severe whiplash and later found out my C6 and C7 vertebrae tips had broken and were floating around in my neck. I could barely move my neck and was hunched over; in addition, I had nerve impingement and separated ribs and protruding collar bone. It was my opinion I would probably never feel right again. You were the positive aspect in my treatment; without your care and understanding of my pain and dedication proved to me that you could improve my lifestyle by helping me regain range of motion. I continue, even as I write this letter today, to use the exercises you gave me. I find them very helpful. I believe it was your knowledge, care, dedication and treatment plan I would not be in the condition I am in now. Thank you is the only words that I can think of to explain how I feel, but it doesn't seem to be good enough.

Richard B.

Dear Dr. Giovatto,

After my accident I suffered from headaches and backaches almost daily. The emgergency room report stated that I had neck contusions. I found Dr. Giovatto's office or Dr. G, as I like to call him, and when we met he gave me a warm smile and strong handshake making me feel safe. He assured me I would begin to feel better.

After my initial visit, Dr. G reviewed my x-rays with me explaining in laymen's terms that I had bulging discs in my upper and lower back. He showed me on my x-rays. Dr. G again in terms I could understand what he was going to do and how he was going to help me feel better. Best of all get my quality of life back. Dr. G talked to me explaining each step of my treatment. He was concerned about my level of pain and my comfort.

The stim and hot pads in a quiet room listening to soft jazz after a long work day was wonderful. This is a great way to start my treatment. Dr. G always asks how I felt after the last treatment or adjustment, noting if I had an increase in discomfort especially if I had experienced a headache. He treated me as if I was the only patient in his office.

The quaility of my life began to improve - I was able to begin to do things I enjoyed, working in my garden, playing with my grandchildren or being able to sit in my graduate classes after working all day.

Dr. G listened to my concerns about my pain from headaches to numb toes. He worked on my pain, recommended additional therapies to decrease my pain and help improve my spirit. He never rushed my treatment. He made sure he had addressed all my concerns before I left his office.

Words can not express my gratefulness for all he has done for me. Thank you just does not seem to be enough. Thank you, Gracias, no Mucho Gracias.

Kim R.

I went to Dr. Giovatto after we were in a collision. I suffered neck and back injuries. I made an appointment with Dr. Giovatto and was treated by him. I found him to be well qualified and thorough in his treatment. He also gave me an exercise routine to help speed up my recovery and reduce my pain level. I would recommend him to anyone needing pain relief. He uses enough time to properly treat your complaint.

Phillip H.

A few months ago I was diagnosed with a disc bulge at L5-S1 with foramina stenosis, which was changing my entire life style due to periods of extreme pain. After researching the internet for treatment, I discovered the following options: back surgery, pain management, chiropractic therapy. My doctor suggested I try the least invasive approach and recommended I see Dr. Giovatto at Countryside Chiropractic. After 2 1/2 months of therapy, including decompression therapy, I have my life back again. I can garden, swim and, most important, play with my little grandbaby. During my visits with Dr. Giovatto, I was his only patient and had his undivided attention. If you want a doctor whos sole professional goal is to treat your pain without the high risks of back surgery and filling your body with pain medication, I highly recommend Dr. Giovatto. He has given me back a life without severe back pain!!!

Thank you Dr. Joe.

Joyce M.

After I got in a car accident not only was my back hurting but I felt like my whole body was getting torn apart. I started going to see "Dr. Joe." Honestly, it was the Best decision I made. "Dr. Joe" is absolutely amazing and made me feel so much better! He just knew what to do and how to make pain go away. It was just so relaxing and nice to go there a couple of times a week and know you are going to feel better then ever!

Suzana D.

Dr. Joe –

You fixed my frozen shoulder! I’m so relieved that you stopped the pain and that you were able to restore my full range of motion in my left arm. I thought I was going to need surgery to release my frozen shoulder but I decided to do some internet research first. That’s when I found you and the Active Release Technique and Graston Technique services that you are especially trained in. I decided to give it a try as a last option before surgery. The progress you have made in my shoulder and range of motion with ART, Graston, and Ultrasound has been amazing! You healed my arm and shoulder and now I don’t need any surgery at all. I’m so thankful I found you and I’ll tell every one of my friends and family about what great work you do. Thank you so much for your kindness, understanding, and professionalism.

You are the BEST!

Jennifer O.

Dear Dr. Joe,

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for everything you have done for me. I had been dreaming for months of running my very first marathon when IT Band Syndrome made it painful to run even 1 mile. Two weeks before my race, I came to your office desperate for help. After only 3 treatments during which time I was able to resume training; you had me running from 0 to 26.2 miles pain free. I cannot express how much it meant to me to get the treatment I needed to be able to fulfill my dream of becoming 'A Marathoner'."


Alison T.

Dr. Giovatto has given me a new lease on life.  For over eight months I had been struggling with additional bone growth on my foot.  It had reached a point that my ability to walk any distance, and especially to exercise, was extremely limited due to the pain.  After multiple visits with an orthopedic specialist, I was told that it would never get better and that I could only expect for it to get worse over time.

Within a few visits with Dr. Giovatto, I began to regain some flexibility in the foot.  The improvement has continued after every treatment and I am now walking as far as I want and doing most other activities.  I am not yet back to my full exercise pace, but am rapidly approaching it.I have infinite respect for Dr. Giovatto's proactive approach in using the latest technology for rapid improvement.  His work with competitive athletes keeps him on the leading edge of treatment which brings a significant benefit to others who live an active lifestyle.

While sitting in his office, I marveled at the difference in approach and attitude between Dr. Giovatto and the orthopedic specialist whom I had gone to.  I noticed that others in the waiting room with me were athletes.  The clients at the orthopedic office were at the opposite end of that spectrum.  This tells me that if you want results, go where the athletes go because they will not accept a limited perspective.  Dr. Giovatto looks beyond limitations and helps bring a solution.

Marcia B.

I arrived at the Countryside Chiropractic Clinic in considerable pain, emanating from a degenerative arthritic condition in my right hip joint.  Prior to coming to the area for a four month period, I had been referred to Dr. Joe Giovatto and, upon receiving his treatments, my condition improved considerably.  At each visit, he asked me where my discomfort was centered on that day and then treated the affected areas with precision and effectiveness.  In the longer term, he treated not only my symptoms, but also developed a master plan to lead me back to improved physical health.  I appreciated the fact that he informed me of his treatment techniques in lay person's language and answered my questions simlarly.

I consider myself very fortunate to be his patient.  His approach is superb and his treatments have resulted in greatly improved physical health for me.

Ralph C.

Dr. Joe,

I wanted to check in and provide an update. After the last session I really felt good and went with the compression socks and followed the stretches you recommended.  I was signed up for the Rock and Roll 1/2 Marathon so I decided even though I hadn't been able to train as much why not give it a go.Get this...I had a PR by two minutes...1:43 first time I cracked the 8 minute mile barrier.Thank you for your treatment and guidance, if not for you I don't believe I would have been ready.



P.S. I hope not to see you :) but I have been giving your name to all of my injured friends.

I was referred to Dr. Giovatto with severe heel/foot pain from Plantar Fasciitis. I was skeptical about any topical procedure being done on my feet because I had spent so much money on orthotics, inserts, etc. Graston procedure is not pleasant on your first few visits, however, after the 3rd/4th visit I began to feel better. The pain was less severe and I was able to enjoy more activities. Dr. G is very professional and always listens to your concerns regarding your progess. He gave me at home excercises that also helped tremendously. His office is staffed with caring individuals who try to accommodate your schedule. I have had a pleasant experience with Dr. G and would not hesitate to refer him. Thanks so much Dr. G, you make walking much better.

Teresa H.

Dear Dr. Giovatto,

I had to find the right chiropractor who practiced ART since the previous chiropractor in Clearwater didn't have the expertise. My chiropractor in Chicago suggested I meet you. Ever since you gave me ART on my right arm, within 6 visits, my arm has improved tremendously. I want to thank you for the help you gave me. Your professional and personable attitude definitely ROCKS! You made your patients feel at ease and you gave me instructions how to exercise my arm when I'm at home. Thanks again for your help."


Marianne J.

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