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Unlike many practices out there today, which focus primarily on the symptoms of your discomfort, we at Ridgewood Spine and Sport focus on what initially started this issue.  Getting to the root of the problem could be a different route altogether.  For example, a pain in the heel aspect of the foot doesn't always necessarily mean you have plantar fasciitis, but it might mean it is coming from the lower back.  Pain from the outside part of the knee does not mean you have a knee problem, but it might just be from long lasting imbalances at the hip/gluteus muscles region as in Iliotibial Band Syndrome.  These small little differences in "searching and looking" for these dysfunctions will make your diagnosis the right one and along with this, make it easier for you to complete your therapy/treatments in a shorter time frame.  We all know you love coming in for treatments but I am sure you won't complain if we get the job done quickly and correct! 

Since 2001, we have always worked with many healthcare specialists.  We have referred, when applicable and appropriate, to those specialties that will help us co-manage your issue.  There have been times where some issues are completely out of our scope of practice yet we will ensure you we will find you the right person to take the proper care in getting you back on track.  

We do respect your time and commitment to getting better so we have a long standing history for being on time with your appointments.  If you have a 9:30am appointment, we will see you at 9:30am!  We are definitely living in a busy world and we understand that things do come up.  Just give a call or text to let us know if your plans have immediately changed.  

Things that Dr Joe likes to do on his spare time are: spending time with his family (wife, a son and a daughter), traveling, learning something new whether job or life related, learning new languages, watching live sports, playing sports such as soccer, being a triathlete, running and weight training.  We have had experience with CrossFit as we have managed and co-owned one in the past.  

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