Runners, Active Release Techniques and Graston!!!

Are you a runner? Do you work out/exercise? Have you become active but yet you just experienced an injury of some sort and cannot get it resolved? A lot of these injuries can be soft tissue injuries. Soft tissue injuries are problems that have come about and affected those muscles, ligaments and tendons. There can be "tightness," "discomfort," and/or "restriction." This is where Active Release and Graston Techniques can help. Active Release Techniques is a hands on approach where we break up adhesions, restrictions and scar tissue. Graston Techniques utilizes a stainless steel tool to do this also. While there may be initial discomfort, the benefit of feeling better and less restricted is much more rewarding. Most of the time, these techniques can get rid of nagging soft tissue injuries that have been lingering around for quite some time. Just make sure the practitioner is certified in either of these techniques. Here at Bergen Spine and Sport, we are certified in both of these soft tissue techniques to get rid of your discomfort and get you back in the game. Please let us know how we can help! 

Giuseppe Giovatto Jr, DC, DACBSP®, CSCS

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Working with triathletes since 2007, working with sports medicine in Kona, HI, Panama City Beach, FL and Sarasota, FL with Ironman and USAT elite and professionals. Also on the medical advisory board for a US National Governing Body and consultant to a MLB team.

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